Issuing Code of Economic Operator

All economic operators are required to submit an identification code application to the issuer of the identification code. The application for the code of the economic operator is filed through the Link Tracking System Portal: Sign In.

Each new user is obliged to register at the first visit to the portal by entering the requested information in the registration form. After entering the required data, the user will enter the e-mail address listed in the registration form, receive a notice of the issued code of the economic operator and the username for access to the Portal.

The initial password for the first login to the system will be received by SMS. During the first login to the system, the user is required to set up his / her own permanent password for all future applications to the system.

Issuing the code of the facility

After the registration and receipt of the code of the economic operator, the user is required to log in to the system and enter the information about his / her facility or more. For each facility the economic operator is required to enter a separate record in the system. After storing the site data, the system will automatically generate the code for the specified facility. A list of all facility codes is available within the system.