Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost is the Issuer of Id Codes for Economic Operators within the Traceability System of Tobacco Products in the Republic of Croatia.

Economic operators in the traceability system of tobacco products are all legal entities and physical persons involved in the tobacco trade in the Republic of Croatia:

  • manufacturers,
  • importers,
  • distributors,
  • Wholesalers and
  • retail outlets. 

Business operators submit applications for registration and are granted the following:

  • Unique identification code of the economic entity
  • Unique identification code of objects
  • Unique identification code for the manufacturer's machines. 

For the purposes of production of unique and collective packaging of tobacco products and the placing on the market of the Republic of Croatia, requests will be received and the following will be issued:

  • Unique identification numbers at the level of unit packaging of tobacco products and
  • Unique identifiers at the level of collective packaging of tobacco products.

Receipt of applications for the issuance of unique identification codes of enterprises, objects, machines, and packaging of tobacco products will begin on 23.4.2019.