Instructions for registration and usage of the tobacco product traceability system

This article contains a brief overview of the instructions for registration, logging in and the usage of the tobacco product traceability system in the Republic of Croatia. More detailed instructions are available in the published documentation or via customer support: helpdesk-tpd@akd.hr .

Regardless of the user's role in the distribution chain of tobacco products, a simple and quick registration process is available to everyone trough the available environments of the Tobacco Product Traceability System (TPD).

The ID Issuer portal in the Republic of Croatia can be found at the link: https://tpd.akd.hr/

Registration and logging  in on the test environment of the TPD system is possible via the link:

  • https://idissuertest.akd.hr/
  • The use of all functionalities of the TPD system on the test environment does not generate any commercial costs for business entities. Economic operators can create multiple user accounts using different ID numbers for companies, they can use all the functionality’s of creating requests for unit and aggregation codes completely free of charge.
  • The system is fully integrated with the test environment of the European secondary repository and it’s fully functional. For all questions related to work and technical support, please contact us via the email address helpdesk-tpd@akd.hr

Registration and logging in the production environment of the TPD system is possible via the link:

1. Registration

Before the first application, it is necessary to complete the registration procedure of the economic operator by clicking on the "Registration" link. Registration is done through the available online form, with minimum mandatory data to be entered:

  • Selection of the type of economic operator
  • Name of the economic operator
  • Address and house number
  • City
  • The country
  • VAT or tax number
  • Excise tax number if the operator has an excise tax number
  • First and last name of the person performing the registration
  • Username
  • Email
  • Mobile number

Since all registrations are manually approved it is possible to notify us through customer support so that your registration can be approved as soon as possible.

When selecting the "Type" of the economic operator, it is possible to choose one of the offered roles:

  • Manufacturer / Importer
  • External manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Retail

2. Logging in

After successful registration, an e-mail with login instructions will be sent to the registered email, and a one-time password for the first login will be sent to the mobile phone number. In case the SMS is delayed more than the expected short time of receiving the SMS, please contact customer support: helpdesk-tpd@akd.hr  so ​​that the message can be sent again.

  •  After the first login and setting your own password, you are able to use all system functionalities available for selected role. 
  • On the left side, in the menu are available all the modules that can be used in the selected role.

3. Administration

The "Administration" module holds all necessary documentation with work instructions (Administration -> Documents).

  • In case of Manufacturer / Importer or External Manufacturer registration, the economic operator will be able to access IP address data and user data for SFTP to download generated codes in the administration interface (Administration -> API). 
  • The economic operator can add additional users to its user account, so that more people have access on its behalf (Administration -> Users). The role that can be assigned is equal to the role that the economic operator has registered.

4. Ordering procedure for the unique identification codes at the level of unit packaging of tobacco products

Ordering serial numbers can be done in two ways:

  1. Manually via the web application within the Serial Numbers -> Unit Codes section
  2. Automated via API in the case when a business entity is integrated in this way to AKD's TPD system

Downloading of generated unique identification codes is possible in one of two ways:

  1. Manually via SFTP using data from the module Administration -> API for access to SFTP (via one of the applications for managing SFTP access that are not part of AKD's TPD system)
  2. Automated via API in the case when a business entity is integrated in this way to AKD's TPD system

5. Detailed user manuals

Detailed instructions for using the TPD application can be found in the document:

Administration -> Documents -> GUI User Manual v1.1

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